Document Everything (Pre-order Package Deal)

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Hi Quality Player,

In my book I will tell you:

  1. Why you don’t really need to document everything when you still need to build up a Quality Management System.
  2. How you can build the foundation to document everything by anyone and work cross-functional on understanding procedures.
  3. How to make work instructions anyone understands (and to translate in any language) instantly.
  4. When it is your responsibility (it’s not my department) and when you should act immediatly on red flags raised by others.
  5. How you can focus on new KPIs (all at once) which also help your own KPIs decided by your management.

And some thoughts:

  1. Are you juggling between priotizing tasks and documenting everything?
  2. Are you surprised when people quit their job within your company they also take their knowledge and experience with them?
  3. Can you imagine having instant access to every document you ever created and all communication around it?
  4. Do you work in chaos instead of improving everything with deep work?
  5. Are you responsible for improving everything within your company?
  6. Always putting customer first and forget office politics?
  7. Ever felt like the one who focused on a holistic approach of improving everything?

If some of these questions give you something to work on, then this book is for you: Document Everything

No matter where you are in your journey of becoming a Quality Player by yourself.

I help you becoming one day by day, week after week.

Everyone started as a beginner, becoming a Quality Player needs training, knowledge and experience from various resources.

Resources like work experience in Quality and other departments, online courses and books.

Because it is not relevant which:

- industry you work in

- job you have

- strong competitors you have

- price/quality strategy you have

This book is co-written with people like you pursuing to better serve customers, adding more value and growing an industry

Pre-order the book in English or Dutch.

This is what you get as one of the first after the launch of the book at 24th of July 2024 when you pre-order now:

- eBook in PDF. You can read and use everything immediately

- the signed book with a personal message within a few weeks after launch

- all the quality tools, techniques and ways to document and improve anything so you will never “lost” something

- checklists and summary of every chapter. You don’t have to read the whole book

- all formulas to make you think differently about Quality

- all alternative KPIs to make you think differently about Quality

- Online Course 1: How to setup a fast & simple QMS without any Quality Issues.

- Online Course 2: How to buildup a QMS with easy to find documents without any defects

- Online Course 3: How to create documents for your colleagues like work instructions and standard operating procedures (Including examples)

- Online Course 4: How to improve documents (With workforce, benchmarking, jargon-killing)

Author Rick Hermanussen

Copyright © 2024 Quality Players. All rights reserved.

Graphics & Visualisation: Rick Hermanussen

Publisher: Boekking (

Book Launch Date: July 24, 2024

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After 24th of July 2024 you will get everything.

Signed copy
PDF version
All checklists
Summary (of every chapter)
Free shipping worldwide
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All formulas
All alternative KPIs
4 Online Courses (when released this year)
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Document Everything (Pre-order Package Deal)

0 ratings
I want this!